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Used Toyota Sequoia 5.7L Engine

Toyota has used the 5.7L engine in the Sequoia since the year 2008. The strength of the full-size SUV brands sold in the U.S. did benefit from the bigger V8 engine blocks. The Tundra was the first recipient of the bigger 5663 cc blocks that are now a standard in larger Toyota brands. At Powertrain Guys, a person can buy a used Toyota Sequoia 5.7L engine for a good price online.

The SUV production at Toyota is now in its second generation. The success of the heavy-duty trucks laid the foundation for the 5-door sport utility vehicle builds. The 3UR-FE block is what is featured in the 5.7-liter displacement. These builds have a rating of 381 horsepower and still provide enough torque. A 6-speed automatic gearbox is always found paired with the V8.

DOHC Sequoia V8 Engine

Toyota uses what is known as I-FORCE technology for its 32-valve motors. Because of the higher horsepower specs, the 5600 RPM limit is part of the VVT-i technology. With more than one timing system, the V8 builds are able to achieve maximum horsepower. The emissions have been corrected to ensure compatibility with state laws.

There are 3 trim series that have been launched for the full-size Toyota SUVs. These are the 5R5, Limited and Platinum names. While each of these has a 6-speed automatic gearbox, every one of the builds are 2WD 5.7-liter blocks. These do feature a multi-mode 4WD switch that engages AWD.

Rear-wheel drive is standard on the Sequoia in the U.S. market. The coupling with anti-lock brakes and a new brake assist module keep the bigger sport utility vehicle brands relevant. Consumes who plan to make a purchase of a used Toyota SUV V8 engine should know the differences in the models that are offered.

Prices for 5.7-Liter Toyota Engines

Shopping at PowertrainGuys.com is never hard. When other retailers complicate the process, what happens here is the exact opposite. People do not have to enter a lot of personal information. To review prices, a year and a motor type will be needed. This is plenty of data to make the quotation system work naturally. A sale price on a gently used 5.7L motor is instantly displayed.