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Used Transmission Ford Freestar

The Freestar minivan by Ford used a four-speed transmission from 2004 to 2007. While formerly known as the Windstar, this vehicle series was popular in the eyes of consumers. The Vulcan engine package was paired up with three gearboxes when the minivan was still being produced. Right from this page, you can order a used transmission for Ford Freestar vehicles.

Freestar Gearbox Types

Overdrive was a new concept in the 1980s that Ford later perfected about a decade later. The AXOD is one automatic assembly that features an overdrive gear. A lot of the sedan vehicles had already promoted the AX series gearboxes before the installation in the Freestar.

The Taurus is just one example of an automobile that has utilized the same assembly as the late model vans produced at Ford Motor Company. The second model that was used with the 3.8 V6 was the AX4S. This was the early SelectShift type. It was replaced during the final two years of development with the AX4N.

Ford Transmission Buyers Guide

As you shop for a replacement component, you will recognize quickly that auto dealerships and resellers have very different prices. Quality does not mean that you will get a better value when you pay more money. Since local shops no longer carry preowned components, you have to go through a resellers like PTG to find inventory.

What we do for customers is we check mileage first. We have to know owned the unit before we acquire it. This gives us a better representation of the abuse or regular use that was applied. A close inspection of the internal seals and parts validates that no fluid will leak once installed.

The final thing that a used Freestar transmission buyer will want to know is if a warranty comes with a purchase. Yes it does. You get the satisfaction of a good product, and you will know that it will likely outlast the life of your vehicle.

Buy Used Ford Gearboxes

We deal only with used components that are OEM originals. These have a factory price applied by our distributors and then we discount from that. Our guarantee states that we sell you what we describe and nothing more. You will be protected under the duration of coverage. You can buy right here once you ask us for a price quote.

What we do is tabulate the sticker price for each person individually. This does usually result in a cheaper price. Go ahead and get started now. We will easily process your order when you call our service department. You now have a long-term partner in the auto parts industry to rely upon.