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Used Volvo S70 2.5 Engine

Volvo built the first S70 and used a 2.5 engine from 2000 to 2007. Known as one of many compact style vehicles, the P80 chassis platform was selected for the consumer sedan models. While not known as a Ford build, the S70 cars were controlled under Ford Motor Company leadership until the 2010 year. There are two generations of the Volvo S70 2.5 engine. Each of these editions is available to buy at Powertrain Guys.

Volvo Modular Motors Specs

The two separate motors were classified as gasoline and turbo. Volvo, like VW, started to produce more turbocharger enabled blocks for its vehicles in the early 2000s. Because of the changed platform, two 2.5-liter motors can be found in the S70 cars. The first edition is the 142 horsepower B5252 FS modular engine. These are still available as a front-wheel drive model.

The second edition is known as the 190 horsepower all-wheel drive B5254T. The “T” in the model number represents the turbo base. These blocks are each 5-cylinder models that is unique to Volvo engineering. A 4-speed and a 5-speed gearbox can be installed for use with the Modular motor brands.

The SE and GLT each offered the 2.5L as the upgrade model motor. The turbo edition was not standard although could be added. One major problem that a person will find when trying to find a used Volvo engine is inventory shortages. Since Ford no longer controls the brand, acquiring builds for importing in the U.S. is a little harder than it was before 2010.

Clean S70 Engine for Sale

What does a clean engine mean? Depending on the source, a motor block could be considered clean when it is scrubbed and polished on the exterior. A cleaned block can include an inspection and a written evaluation about what work was performed. Oil leakage is a problem in secondary market I5 blocks because of the multiple cylinders. Cleaning the spillage is necessary prior to sale.

Order Used Volvo I5 Turbo Engines

The base model or turbo 2.5-liter is what is retailed on this Powertrain Guys resource. To give all people a chance to buy a unit, a lower price is a fixture for all American buyers. To place an order for each certified assembly, it will take the correct model year to accurately match the VIN number. The OEM Volvo motors always on sale are clean and efficient builds.