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Vortec L18 Engine for Sale

The 8100 Vortec block has an L18 option code. This refers to the 8.1-liter displacement. As a big-block engine, the 8100 was used for the first time in the year 2001 by General Motors. This was the first major upgrade over the 7.4-liter displacement units in production for decades prior to the millennium. Any person who visits this website can buy a Vortec L18 engine for sale at the right price without haggling a salesman.

Specs of the 8.1L Vortec Motor

To many people, the larger blocks built at General Motors are associated with the HD series vehicles. The Sierra, Silverado, Suburban and Yukon have all featured the L18 base. Aside from automotive usage, the 8100 series can be found in motorhomes, medium-duty trucks and used for marine purposes.

There are 496 cubic inches in the factory designed block. One of the highly regarded features of the 8.1-liter is the huge horsepower range. A minimum of 340 horsepower up to a maximum of 550 horsepower offers the best power level for multiple applications. The OHV design works well under the Vortec platform.

The compression ratio for the L18 RPO code series is 9:1:1. There are 16 valves found on the block. As a top performance motor, the 8100 was unfortunately discontinued in the year 2009. The approximate weight of the block is 761 pounds without fluid. Many people appreciate the power level and towing capacity compared to the smaller 6.0-liter editions.

Issues with the 8.1L V8

There are no known problems that have ever been reported that pertain to manufacturing defects with the late model big-block series. Because of the larger size, most of the defects are found on the transmissions and sensors rather than the engine blocks. The reliability and the total torque level are two of the things that most people brag about when they own a Vortec L18.

Buy L18 RPO 8100 Engines Online

The secondary auto parts market is the only place where a person can locate a preowned big-block motor. These are no longer issued by GM although are still found in RVs. One thing that a person should review prior to purchasing is the mileage. While the internal components are known for being pretty reliable, high block mileage can deteriorate any OEM components.

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