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VQ40DE Engine for Sale

Nissan relied on its VQ40DE V6 engine block for a number of vehicles. This was on sale in the Pathfinder, Frontier and Xterra. The build itself is a 4-valve per cylinder model. The base assembly is a DOHC edition. Anyone who is searching for a 4.0L V6 can find a VQ40DE engine for sale here at PowertrainGuys.com.

The best-selling SUVs at the time were fitted with the V6 VQ series. The performance is undeniable for such a large sized 4.0 unit. Technology found in many foreign vehicles made its was into the Nissan company. Building the block with variable valve timing was a great choice considering the off-road capability.

Used VQ40DE Crate Engine

Aside from a brand new block, people must choose the crate version of the famous Nissan motors. These are shipped in the wooden crate. They actually come out of import auto parts junk yards. The mileage is the very first thing that PTG takes a look at. No one wants a surprise when ordering like high mileage.

The used 4.0L Nissan motors that our company provides are special. The procedure that happens right at the point of acquisition is what counts. The internal gaskets, hoses and other components are verified. The working condition of block is always tested before it is removed from a salvage vehicle.

The engine reliability of the VQ40DE is one thing someone can ask about. The hard truth is that these are know to have problems sometimes. Any block will have its share of issues with repeat usage. If someone does not change the oil, that is when the majority of problems take place. After our evaluation, a letter grade is attached with the Nissan crate motors we provide.

Rebuilt or Used Variants

Most companies avoid rebuilding import motors. The high cost of obtaining the replacement parts is what prevents this work. This is why almost every reputable seller provides secondary market units for the public. We choose this route because we know that the inventory is good enough to put into our own personal vehicles.

Buy Nissan 4.0L Engines Here

You need to find the V6 version and we have it. You are not alone while visiting us. A team of professionals is waiting to hear from you. Calling our staff means picking up the phone and dialing our number. While no waiting is involved, you can still get a real price quote on this website. A computer handles all of the processing. It takes just seconds.

Parts and labor protection are supplied in terms of a warranty plan. This is always something that we feature for consumers. Knowing the build quality and mileage are just two concerns. What about the flywheel? Hoses can break. The entire installation period along with a commitment afterwards is included in our standard warranty.