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Used XK 4.2 Engine

The XK series from Jaguar used a 4.2 liter V8 engine. It was on sale from 2006 to 2008 in the automotive industry. As with most luxury class vehicles, the technology featured in the block was second to none. People pay for performance, and that is just what is received. You can buy a used XK 4.2 engine using this PTG resource on the Internet.

Specs for the 4.2 Motor

The internal Jaguar code for the 4.2 series is AJ34. This identifies that base version that was in most XK vehicles. The horsepower is usually 294 although 300 hp versions do exist. The cubic centimeters measure 4196. This coincides with the 256 CID featured in the 8 cylinder design.

Only a six speed gearbox was packaged with most Jaguar automobiles. The use of the 6HP26 automatic transmission is something that has catapulted many vehicles into a new level. When combined with the horsepower and sensor technologies, this makes for a rewarding package for consumers.

A supercharged version of the 4.2 liter block does exist. These were generally available as an add-on. Some countries in Europe where the XK cars were marketed included the turbo in the base price. What a consumer will receive through an order that originates here is a standard package.

Even though the original block was designed in the 1950s, most of the specs have not changed. There were some advancements concerning air flow technology, but for the most part the same construction quality exists.

Finding 4.2 Engines

PowertrainGuys.com has a relationship with more than one key supplier of vehicles parts and accessories. Relying on only one company limits the type and amount of inventory that can be located. Because the agencies are spread around, the interchange network is now much larger.

The used Jaguar engines for sale that are promoted on this website are discounted from the MSRP. This makes the pricing a little cheaper than what a typical junk yard might charge in your hometown. Sometimes, there is a charge for shipping and sometimes not. It all depends on the delivery address.

Prices for Jaguar V8 Blocks

Use the PTG computer tool to find what is currently in stock. A provider price list and information about mileage is supplied. The prepared quote in price costs you nothing to secure, and you can place orders directly offline. The customer service department is always willing to take your call and spend time with you answering questions.

If you are able to provide an e-mail address, pricing can be forwarded directly to you. The entire procedure is completed very quickly. There is never a charge for using this website as your main source of data for exploring preowned or rebuilt luxury automobile motors.

Everything from the complete engine to a compatible transmission is searchable. Even the drive train and transfer case are things that can be priced using what we give you on this site.