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ZF6 Transmission Sale for Duramax Trucks

The ZF6 manual transmission used in Duramax trucks is found here online. General Motors began putting this 6-speed version into its Chevy and GMC diesel trucks in the year 2001. While the decision was made to terminate this practice in favor of a different build, there are plenty of people who still want a ZF6 transmission for sale for their Duramax pickup truck. These can be ordered at PTG.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG was the originator of the build. These were licensed to GM for placement into its vast assortment of vehicles. The Chevy 2500 and GMC 3500 are just two examples of the non-gasoline powered versions available. The Allison transmission is now the preferred pairing with the 6.6 and 8.1 engine blocks.

Rebuilt Versus Used ZF6

There are companies that are able to rebuild the internal parts of the ZF 6-speed transmission. This is not the cheapest route, but for some one who has few options it can be worthwhile. Many people opt to choose the preowned models because they are less expensive. PowertrainGuys.com does deal in reconditioned and second hand versions.

The type of inventory that is on hand at all times depends on the suppliers. Both versions can be secured if there is adequate stock available. One thing to keep in mind is that GM discontinued its use of the ZF6 in the Duramax after the 2007 year.

The price point is what concerns most people. It can be several thousands of dollars to get a totally remanufactured assembly. This high price is what drives people towards the purchase of a secondary market model that has already been used in a vehicle.

Warranty for Transmissions

Powertrain Guys works not only with one supplier but with many. What this means to the average person is that more variety is available. When the terms of sale are different from company to company, a comparison is easy to make. Each dealer where assemblies are procured from sets its own terms of warranty protection.

In any case, a person who will swap out the complete ZF6 transmission with another one can benefit from parts coverage. The final selling price that is given out in quote form will include the components protection. The number of months available to protect something that breaks with vary between dealers.

Prices for Duramax Manual Transmissions

Truck owners and mechanics who do not prefer the late model automatic assemblies are a special breed. Even if GM no longer plans to support a stick shift gearbox, there will be a regular group of people keeping the regular shift models alive. A full quote in price is available to extract from the computer on this page.

By entering some basic vehicle data, PTG is able to display a sale price that is discounted from the original MSRP. A consumer not using a smartphone or regular computer to retrieve this information can place a call offline by phone. A support personnel professional will match, review and give details about what can be ordered. Freight policies and other details will be explained.